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The two mounds of gravel at 2nd and Main are for TOWN USE ONLY. Neither pile is for personal use around your cabin! The 3/4″ gravel is for water lines and repair of water lines. The 3″ mix with road base, is for road repair. Each pile of gravel cost $600.00 to purchase and have delivered to Fulford. THEY ARE NOT FOR THE TAKING. If you need gravel for personal use, you can purchase through Roby, Pete or Chris Spiegel (see contact info a few posts down).

The second disturbing issue that recently happened in town is that the Wiemers PURCHASED a trailer load of logs for their fire wood that they planned on cutting/splitting — they did not go out and cut the trees down themselves. Their logs have been cut up and stolen.


Please review the following link for snowmobile permit information.

 snowmobile sticker regs


Although Fulford property owners are not required to use any specific contractor, we are fortunate to have three contractors in town:

Roby Forsyth,, 970-471-5584;

Pete Paulson,, 970-471-1986;

Chris Spiegel,, 970-904-0694

If you’d like, you can contact them for excavation, foundation, water line work, gravel, or other issues you may have.


The fire truck and both fire trailers have been winterized and we won’t be able to use for fire protection until the spring of 2018. Additionally, do not attempt to startup or move the  fire truck until the spring, as the pump has been removed for maintenance/repair, leaving the driveline dismantled.


Hello Fulford Residents and Friends. Please find the latest newsletter attached.


Fulford news 9-7-17 update


Be aware that we have a number of moose in town (at least 5). There has been some property damage from one moose. Be alert and don’t agitate them.

Additionally, a bear has been recorded by a video camera at the north end of town, and although one hasn’t actually been seen by the creek near the Bodley’s, (either the same one, or a different bear), he has left “calling cards.”  Be alert and don’t agitate the bear(s) either.


The burn pile is for “burnable” items only — beer cans, glass windows, metal, iron and steel do not burn. The drawer filled with beer cans/bottles was placed there sometime after the road was opened this season.

Fulford, miscellneous 007 Fulford, miscellneous 010 Fulford, miscellneous 015


The fire trailer that was housed inside the fire house has been moved over to Stacy’s. The fire truck is now parked inside the fire house. A solar panel has been added to the fire house, which is keeping the batteries in the fire truck charged.

Additionally, there is now a combination door on the man door of the fire house. For “cyber” security reasons, the combination can be found on the Association-Business page which requires a password.


If anyone is looking for the push weed eater/trimmer, it has been moved out of the fire house, and can now be found in the small fire house supply building next to the fire house.


Minutes from all 2016 Board Meetings, and the 2016 Annual Meeting have been uploaded to the Association Business Section…

Please remember, a password is required to read Association Business. If you forgot the password, send an email from the “Contact” page.


Summer 2016 Newsletter …

The newsletter was emailed to everyone that has furnished the board their email address. If you have not yet provided an email address and wish to receive info via email, please use the “Contact” page and send an email with your contact info.

To view the newsletter, click the link below:

Fulford news 9-1-16


We had a great turnout for fire truck training …

We had two fire training sessions on Saturday and Sunday, September 3 and 4th. Roughly 14 people attended the training sessions. Thanks goes out to Clayton Forsyth for taking time out of his busy schedule to conduct the Saturday training.

Fulford summer 2016 028Fulford summer 2016 030Fulford summer 2016 022Fulford summer 2016 009Fulford summer 2016 042


Big Thumbs Up and Thank You …

To Stacy Wiemer for building the shelves in the firehouse, and the covers on the fire hose boxes.


Fulford has a fire truck …

For those who missed the annual meeting and picnic on Saturday, July 16, we are sorry you were unable to attend. It was announced during the meeting that we were able to purchase a fire truck at an auction for $6,200.00. Fulford fire truck (2) Fulford fire truck (3) Fulford fire truck (4) Fulford fire truckNO ASSOCIATION MONEY WAS USED FOR THE PURCHASE. We are funding the fire truck with donations so as not to deplete Association funds needed for water and roads. Several members stepped up after the meeting and made donations designated towards the fire truck. THANK YOU. For anyone not at the picnic/meeting and wishing to donate, or for those unable to donate at the meeting, any and all donations are welcome and can be sent to Ed Grange or any board member. Please write “Fire Truck Donation” on the memo line. WE WANT TO THANK ALL FOR THEIR PARTICIPATION. We have been asked “how much to give?” There is no set amount — the amount of donation is entirely up to you.

On Saturday, September 3 of LABOR DAY WEEKEND, fire truck demo/training will tentatively be held at 10:00 a.m. Please try to attend if at all possible.